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Stop by booth number 7829 at IPPE 2017!

Did you know that RMS Roller Grinder offers feed grinding solutions for small farmers, commercial feed mills, and everyone in between? If you need help improving your operation stop by to learn about our new technologies! We are at  booth number 7829 at IPPE this week, right in Atlanta, Georgia! Can’t make it to the show? Than connect with us today and we can arrange for a stop and check in your area to discuss your grinding needs.



Three pair roller, RMS Roller Grinder
Featured is an triple pair roller mill with automation.

RMS Introduces the Automatic Greasing System

RMS Introduces the Automatic Greasing System

Automatic Greasing System


  • Automatically greases all key mill components at the optimal interval, amount, and with the correct type of grease. Automatic Greasing System operates only when mill is operating.
  • Specifically selected injectors for the type and size of bearing and other wear parts
  • Low level grease indicator light signals when grease reservoir needs filling
  • Clear front panel to visually inspect grease level and check operation
  • System test button
  • Can be sized and designed to accommodate all mill types – NEW OR USED


  • Never grease your mill again when RMS conducts regular maintenance! Just let RMS do it!
  • Reduce maintenance costs by saving on labor, grease, premature parts failure, and downtime
  • Keep your mill’s Preventive Maintenance Program up to date with the help of the RMS Automatic Greasing System

Why a Roller Mill and not a Hammer Mill?

Roller Mills vs. Hammer Mills

Why a Roller Mill and not a Hammer mill?

RMS manufactures roller mills, roller grinders and grist mills. From time to time a client may pose the question, “Why not hammer mills?”

Because RMS is a leader in the particle size reduction industry, we have the answers!

Roller mills are cost effective, dust free and offer a more consistent grind. Below is a list of the benefits of owning a roller mill versus a hammer mill.

  • Roller mills are on average 30% more energy efficient than hammer mills providing our customers energy savings (KimKoch, Hammer Mills and Roller Mills, Kansas State University, May 2002)
  • Roller mills do not produce heat, as hammer mills do, which is another lost source of energy
  • Roller mills can process more tons per kilo watt hour saving time and energy
  • Roller mills provide a more consistent grind than a hammer mill with less fines and deviation
  • Roller mills produce less noise and dust pollution than a hammer mill, reducing safety hazards and chance of ignition
  • Roller mills have less moisture loss of grain than the hammer mill
  • Roller mills do not need air assistance to process

Want to learn more about an RMS roller mill, grinder or grist mill? Give us a call at 605.368.9007 or email to Thank You!