About us

Written by Maggie. Posted in Products

RMS Roller Grinder started as a small operation in the early 1980's  located in Tea, South Dakota.  During this time we only provided roller mill services, including roll sharpening and our exchange program.  In 1989  we started to manufacture machines with maintenance and service costs in mind. Over the years our products have changed for the better as we are continuously improving. Because of our goal of creating the best products, we are pleased to annouce we will no longer be at our  original plant, as we have finally outgrown it. We will start our move to our new building in 2014! The new building will be one exit down the interstate from where we are currently located, and will be in Harrisburg, South Dakota. Our new plant will allow us to keep working diligently  to improve our products and surpass our customers’ expectations. 

Our mission:

RMS leads in defining the highest standard of  particle size reduction manufacturing and service with competence and professional practice.

To: Define and meet the needs of each client in the most timely and efficient manner.

To: Elevate continual growth and stature of the  profession of particle size reduction.

By: Adapting, researching and further educating our staff to enhance their abilities and opportunities to serve our clients well.

RMS Roller Grinder Contact Information:

Main Office: (605) 368.9007

Toll Free: (888) 283.9337

Fax: (605) 368.2411           

27271 Ironworks Ave, Harrisburg, SD, 57032

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/RMS-Roller-Grinder/130501760353571

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RMSgrinder